One of the most renowned couples in the entertainment industry has recently welcomed their third offspring. Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship, they have been bestowed with a customary gift of parenthood—a newborn.

Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz have been blessed with the arrival of another child. These two luminaries from the realm of rap music have just welcomed their third progeny, Gunner Ethan Pankey. His birth occurred on February 13, 2022, precisely at 1:25 am.

Tara is an esteemed American actress and television star, recognized for her noteworthy performances in Love & Hip Hop: New York. Tara and Peter have been romantically involved for a duration of 13 years.

Peter Gunz is a distinguished American rapper who has also made appearances in the esteemed reality television series, Love & Hip Hop: New York. Peter was a part of The Bronx, a prominent hip-hop duo alongside Lord Tariq.

The couple, Tara and Peter, were already parents to two children, namely Jamison Pankey and Kaz Pankey. Jamison has now reached the age of 13, while Kaz is currently 10 years old.

Tara recently engaged in an exclusive photoshoot with Life & Style Weekly, where she introduced her third son, born on February 13, weighing 6 pounds and 15 ounces. They have named him Gunner Ethan Pankey.

During the photoshoot, Tara effused, “I believe he bears a resemblance to me!” She accentuated Gunner’s shared complexion, eye shape, and finely pointed nose. Her elation and pride were evident.

Her former paramour, Peter Gunz, continues to be a supportive figure in her children’s lives. Tara revealed to Life & Style that Peter is caring and involved, yet their relationship remains purely platonic.

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace were involved in a romantic relationship from 2000 to 2013. Presently, Peter is married to a songstress named Amina Buddafly, who is reportedly expecting their second child.

The love triangle amidst the four seasons of Love & Hip Hop was mired in chaos and controversy. Peter had a longstanding relationship with Tara but ultimately wed Amina.

Tara described Peter’s presence during Gunner’s birth, mentioning that he arrived at 7:30 in the morning to escort Jamison to school. Subsequently, Peter dedicated time to their middle child, Kaz.

Despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, Tara admitted that Peter is an amusing father figure to their children. She emphasized that she has acquired valuable lessons from him, particularly the virtue of patience.

Now, with three children in her care, Tara must adapt to a new way of life. She contemplates that Gunner may be her final child, as she is prepared to forge ahead, nurturing her newest addition.

Tara harbors an immense love for all three of her children. She is devoted to ensuring that each receives equal attention and care throughout their days.

The Love & Hip Hop family has expanded with the addition of Gunner Ethan Pankey. February 13 was a day filled with blessings when Tara Wallace bestowed upon the world a baby boy. He was born hale and hearty.

The elder brothers of Gunner expressed unbridled joy at the arrival of their baby sibling. Words fail to capture the depth of their happiness and eagerness to embrace their newfound roles as caretakers. They deemed him perfect in every way.

By Danny